Sunday, 19 June 2011

Reasons I love my boyfriend

He makes me beautiful healthy breakfasts and he looks adorable when he sleeps. Wishing him luck for his work experience at a top restaurant in london tomorrow and tuesday as part of his competition prize. <3

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Glossy Box

I am so gutted I missed the boat for getting the first glossy box (if you haven't heard of this, its a company that sends you samples/products to try for 10 pound a month) as the first box contained a FULL SIZE Nars orgasm illuminator, a product that I am so desperate to try but is far to expensive for me to justify buying. But now I have to problem of wondering that the second product won't live up to my expectations, with the first one containing such good products. What do you all think, worth the risk?

dreamcatchers x

Absolutely obsessed with dreamcatchers at the moment, bought a beaut of a dreamcatcher necklace on ebay today ( Such a bargain for less than 4 pound with delivery!

Images from! <3

Say a little prayer for you.

Just popped on to ask everyone to say a prayer for my friend conor cutts tonight. He was in a car accident last night and is in intensive care.

Thinking of you, con xxx

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

DVLA, mini topshop haul.

The past few days have been mayhem for me!
To start,  I was suppose to be taking my driving test yesterday, but the DSA rearranged it to last friday (!) and I only got the letter in the post yesterday. Cue major panic attack as my theory ran out in the next week or so, and having to redo my theory yesterday (which I passed!) But I now have to wait till the 18th of august for my test, which is so annoying, as I've already had 34 hours in driving lessons, have my own car and was so so ready for my test. Oh well!

On my way back from my theory last night I popped into topshop to return a green cardigan which was too oversized for my liking and ended up exchanging it for these little beautys!


I am in love with this nail varnish, its such a lovely shade of pink without being too bright or too pastel. I have been eyeing up this tshirt for ages, really wanted the dinosaur one but It had sold out of both my local topshop and online! But saw this in store and fell in love, I just love the rolled up sleeves so much!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


I have developed such a love for LoveFilm. I adore the fact I don't have to leave my house to get films, I only have to pay 10 pounds a month and get unlimited rentals, and when your done, you just post them back! I love the excitement of getting things in the post so this is a bonus for me. Looking forward to see what arrives tomorrow!

So far I have had :
UP, one of the best films ever, even though its a kids film. My boyfriend loved it!
Vampires Suck, the worse film I have ever seen in my life. Do not even bother renting it, or even worse, buying it.
Thirteen, which is a very good film, which I believe was shot in a very short time scale like a fortnight or something? It was on channel 4 late one night, and I've seen it countless times.

I'm hoping tomorrow I get something decent, as I feel guilty for making my boyfriend watching Vampires suck with me as it was so poor, and I think I need to make it up to him!

Sunday, 5 June 2011


I have been working more than usual recently, and trying desperately to find a new job (preferably full time)

The reason behind this is that me and the boy are contemplating moving. Well, not really contemplating as we know that we will definitely be moving in together, the problem is just deciding when and where. We discussed Brighton, but it is far too expensive ( and lacking property in our affordability, a one bed apartment was around 700 pound minimum) and Kent to move back to where he is from. But we are now thinking about Cornwall. Its so beautiful, and so much lovely scenery and we both feel it is a place that we could afford to live in.

We are currently saving up to get a mortgage, which is such a scary prospect as I am only 19, 20 next month (he is 23), but it just makes more sense to the both of us. We won't be wasting money on rent, but rather paying toward a home that will one day be our own. For the price of renting a house, in say Canterbury in Kent (around 700) we could take out a 145,000 mortgage and pay the same back a month and be on our way to owning our own house!

I feel all grown up talking about mortgages! <3