Friday, 6 May 2011

Nail Stickers

I posted yesterday about the nail stickers I bought from Primark, and here is the result!
I don't think they are too bad for a first attempt, very easy to use, but I would have liked to have used a clear topcoat over them but I couldn't find it! Would definitely buy more, have seen on another blog someone posting about primark doing some leopard print ones so I will have to hunt them down!

(edit - these lasted for a full week! very impressed)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Recent Purchases!

I went shopping this evening with my darling mother and bought some lovely things!

A massive cherry make up holdall (I needed something for all my make up!)  for 4 pound!
A sunflower print playsuit, only a fiver !
And this denim waistcoat which I am in love with, I had been lusting over one in topshop for the past month or so which was 40 pounds, but found this one at a quarter of the price and I love it even more!

Beautiful bag from H&M, I needed a lovely clutch for dinner in edinburgh with my boyfriend in july
A cute little sunflower headband
Suspender tights in the sale in primark, a pound a pair so I bought 3! So glad I saw these before I paid 8 pound a pair for similar in topshop!

Been eying up some nail stickers on asos for ages, though I would try the primark ones first for  a third of the price to see if they were easy to use before I committed to 6.50 a pair on asos! 

My Edinburgh dress, from french connection, bought in NYC.  Worn with my clutch from h&m and new denim waistcoat!

Suspender tights <3 And messy room!

New dress from topshop but I think I will return it, feel so guilty for spending 48 pound on a dress that will probably end up like most of the other dresses I buy which are never worn!