Wednesday, 15 June 2011

DVLA, mini topshop haul.

The past few days have been mayhem for me!
To start,  I was suppose to be taking my driving test yesterday, but the DSA rearranged it to last friday (!) and I only got the letter in the post yesterday. Cue major panic attack as my theory ran out in the next week or so, and having to redo my theory yesterday (which I passed!) But I now have to wait till the 18th of august for my test, which is so annoying, as I've already had 34 hours in driving lessons, have my own car and was so so ready for my test. Oh well!

On my way back from my theory last night I popped into topshop to return a green cardigan which was too oversized for my liking and ended up exchanging it for these little beautys!


I am in love with this nail varnish, its such a lovely shade of pink without being too bright or too pastel. I have been eyeing up this tshirt for ages, really wanted the dinosaur one but It had sold out of both my local topshop and online! But saw this in store and fell in love, I just love the rolled up sleeves so much!

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