Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Fleeting Visit to Cornwall

Spent 3 days in cornwall this week, got home a few hours ago. Was splendid.

Somewhere past Reading, so much greenery!

This man kept coughing was paranoid he would give me the flu!

Water, Phone, Ipod. Essentials.

A truckload of mags and sweeties! 



A very bored boy after traveling for 5 hours! 

Boats <3

Beautiful flowers

Fishing Boy. Didn't catch a thing!

Gone Fishing. 

The beautiful dinner he cooked everyone, cod and yummy veg and potatoes! The perks of dating a chef xxx

Beautiful galley, purchased all these cards!


I wanted all these paintings for my walls, so beautiful!

Yummy cupcakes, the pink ones were strawberry flavored and delicious! 

The boy of the train home, nearly back, ignoring me to read a newspaper as usual!

Sunset. Home.

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