Sunday, 5 June 2011


I have been working more than usual recently, and trying desperately to find a new job (preferably full time)

The reason behind this is that me and the boy are contemplating moving. Well, not really contemplating as we know that we will definitely be moving in together, the problem is just deciding when and where. We discussed Brighton, but it is far too expensive ( and lacking property in our affordability, a one bed apartment was around 700 pound minimum) and Kent to move back to where he is from. But we are now thinking about Cornwall. Its so beautiful, and so much lovely scenery and we both feel it is a place that we could afford to live in.

We are currently saving up to get a mortgage, which is such a scary prospect as I am only 19, 20 next month (he is 23), but it just makes more sense to the both of us. We won't be wasting money on rent, but rather paying toward a home that will one day be our own. For the price of renting a house, in say Canterbury in Kent (around 700) we could take out a 145,000 mortgage and pay the same back a month and be on our way to owning our own house!

I feel all grown up talking about mortgages! <3

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